Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Complete Set of Talisman Miniatures

I'm adding a new feature to Oldenhammer in Toronto: the Oldenhammer Galleries. These are permanent pages (accessed through a sidebar) that set out a complete collection of fully painted miniatures. My hope is that these galleries will be useful for other miniature painters who are looking for inspiration or a reference.

Talisman Hobgoblin, Barbarian and Amazon, Citadel (1986, sculpted by Aly Morrison)
The Hobgoblin, Barbarian and Amazon from Talisman Expansion (1986)

My first 2 sets of galleries are:

(1) The complete collection of Citadel's 1st and 2nd edition Talisman Miniatures -- organized by set (Talisman Basic Set, Talisman Expansion, Talisman Adventure, Talisman Dungeon, Talisman Timescape, Talismans Toads and Alternate Miniatures). This collection is inspired by the wonderful collection at Talisman Island.

(2) The complete collection of Fantasy Flight Game's Star Wars Imperial Assault Miniatures -- organized by faction (Rebels, Imperials and Mercenaries).

Royal Guard Captain, Imperial Assault FFG (2015, sculpted by Benjamin Maillet)
Royal Guard Champion from Imperial Assault (2014)

I hope to add other galleries soon! 

Thanks for looking - sharing these pictures brings me a lot of joy.


  1. More fanatastic painting. The galleries are a great idea: I can browse your work without having to trawl through all your posts. Thanks!

  2. Great job Sully, it must give a massive sense of satisfaction to have such a massive undertaking come to be realized.
    Even your navigation links are wonderous!
    Heartfelt congrats Sir!

  3. Wonderful galleries ! Just the perfect treat for the eyes !

  4. Excellent galleries. I actually was able to ID some figures I had been after. Thanks for the help. ;)

  5. Thanks guys! I'm happy you like the galleries. As 24_Cigs says, finally getting them all finished really does give me a massive sense of satisfaction.

  6. Great painting! I'll have to do the same and set up a gallery... when I get off my ass and paint up a few more figures!

  7. These are some of my all time favorite Citadel Miniatures, oosing with character, and your painting has done them up a treat.