Thursday, April 7, 2016

Force for Change - Star Wars Charity Auction

I've auctioning off one of my favourite miniatures for charity: my conversion of Darth Vader without his helmet for Star Wars Imperial Assault. I've never tried to sell one of my miniatures on eBay before... and indeed, I find the process of selling one of my babies nerve-wracking... but I was inspired by the most recent announcement video of the Force for Change charitable campaign. If you haven't watched it, it's quite funny:

EBay makes it easy to sell things for charity, so I hope to encourage other painters to to also get involved. There's a history of some great miniature-game-based charitable campaigns (The GoblinAid Cash for Kevin campaign springs to mind). In this case, I'm taking my cue from Force for Change and donating 100% of the proceeds of my auction to Unicef. My girlfriend and I read a terrifying article about child malnutrition in Yemen, and we were both sickened by some of the stories and images. Hopefully Unicef can help.

So if you have any inclination to own a unique Darth Vader miniature -- and to help Unicef -- I hope you'll check out the eBay listing. The auction ends April 16, 2016. Bidding starts at $1 big fat Canadian dollar. 

Here are more pictures:

And my favourite, a close-up of the back of his head wound:

You can also read about how I did the conversion in this post from last August. And if you're not yet sufficiently excited about Star Wars, then I suggest you check out the new trailer for Rogue One:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you bid early and often!