Friday, July 15, 2016

More Painted Terrain for Star Wars Imperial Assault

You want more scenery for Imperial Assault? Well, since I've painted 100+ pieces of terrain, let me fill your boots.

Painted Imperial Assault Scenery Crates

One of the things that impressed me as I painted dozens of boxes, containers and consoles is the attention to detail -- both on the part of the designers of Imperial Assault, and by extension, the modelers at CombatZone Scenery. For instance, take the humble supply crate. This staple of the game is always filled with helpful supplies -- medpacks, weapons, or secret intel. Above we see my painted version.

And here we see a screenshot from Star Wars Rebels, with almost the same crate (also filled with helpful supplies). This frame comes from one of the earliest episodes ("Droids in Distress"), which aired only a couple months before Imperial Assault was released in late 2014. Now that's coordination.

This attention to detail is one of the things that makes Imperial Assault (and for that matter, Rebels) enjoyable. Notwithstanding any other faults, they both capture the
authentic Star Wars aesthetic -- the wordless power of Tie Fighters in flight, of the shadow cast by a Star Destroyer, or the kindling of a lightsaber. In painting all this terrain, I've been trying to pursue that aesthetic too...

Painted Imperial Assault Scenery Wampa Cave

Painted Imperial Assault Scenery Destroyed DF.9 Turret

Painted Imperial Assault Scenery Cantina

You can see some of this terrain in action in my recent Imperial Assault Battle Reports: The Bantha Strikes Back and A Bantha Too Far (and this last battle report was recently republished by the wargame magazine The Golden D6. So check out that too!)

Thanks for looking!


  1. Woooooow! really fantastic work Matthew!

  2. Consider my boots filled. It all looks terrific.

  3. Those crates are "Companion Cubes" from Portal... Paint a little heart in the centre of one and make dropping it in an incinerator the game objective. Nice bacta tank too!

  4. Brilliant work. All those look marvellous, they add tons of life!

  5. Love the frosty stalagmites!

  6. I love the Imperial Assault Combat Scenery. I was super excited when I first found out about them. Sadly though, I would want all of it. Which, I could handle. But the shipping...oh the shipping *cries*

    Those are some sexy bacta tanks, by the way.