Friday, August 26, 2016

The Mountains are Alive with the Sound of Madness

I have a fever. And the only cure is... more Gothic Horror miniatures.

This is the latest in my ongoing series of posts using Citadel's CC1 Gothic Horror range from the 1980's as the basis for characters for the boardgame Eldritch Horror. Last week I did miniatures for the half the characters from the Mountains of Madness expansion, and this week I'm finishing the job.

First up is George Barnaby, the lawyer. His miniature is the CC1 "Professor" (1986). Everyone knows that when Cthulhu comes calling, the first thing you need to do is get lawyered up. Nothing frustrates a coven of insane demon-worshipers like a sternly worded cease-and-desist letter. Good luck, George!

Second is Finn Edwards, the Bootlegger. His miniature is the CC1 "Explorer" (1986). This miniature looks like an Indiana Jones knock off to me. And it's not Citadel's only one, either... check out Trish Morrison's sculpture of "The Archaeologist" (1988) for Talisman Timescape.

Ursula Downs the Explorer is rendered with the CC1 "Heroine" (1986). As I discussed a couple weeks ago, this miniature was inspired by the cover-art for The Fungi from Yuggoth. This is my kind of Cthulhu investigator: she's carrying a shotgun.

Finally, here's Tommy Muldoon, the Rookie Cop. His miniature is the CC1 "Flat Shoe" (1986). For clarity's sake, I have to point out that the slang term for a patrolman is "flatfoot" not "flat shoe" (which is what ballet dancers wear). In any case, Eldritch Horror is a little heavy on Irish-American cops and robbers. We already have Michael McGlen (the gangster), Skids O'Toole (the ex-con) and Finn Edwards (the bootlegger). Officer Muldoon makes it four, allowing them to perform as a close harmony quartet. And yet there's only one knife-wielding chef of Greek extraction. Seems unfair, doesn't it?

And remember to Vote for Cthulhu in 2016: No Lives Matter.


  1. George Barnaby and Finn Edwards look grand Sully, the textures on their clothing are superb.
    I'm in total agreement with you vis a vi shotguns; if you can have one, take it.

  2. Great mini work again! I'm your bigger fan!