Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Investigators of Mansions of Madness

A couple weeks ago, I rolled around in the shame and disgrace of shoddily painting all the monsters from Mansions of Madness 2nd edition, the Cthulhu-themed dungeon crawl game. This week, in order to redeem myself (in my own eyes at least, and the eyes of Crom), I present painted versions of all the investigators from the Core Set and all 3 expansions: Recurring Nightmares, Suppressed Memories and Beyond the Threshold

These are 26 investigators in total. As usual, I have discarded the shoddy plastic miniatures that FFG provided in favour of metal substitutes. Where possible, I've used the beautiful Gothic Horror miniatures that Citadel produced in the 1980's when it had the license for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game. To fill in some gaps, I use miniatures from Copplestone Castings, RAFM, Foundry and Hasselfree Miniatures. 

Loyal followers will notice that some of these miniatures have already appeared in my posts about Eldritch Horror. That's because FFG always uses the same stable of characters in all their Cthulhu boardgames. But there are a few new faces, like Agatha Crane, Father Mateo or Carson Sinclair.

Mansions of Madness Core Set

Agatha Crane, the parapsychologist painted miniature
Agatha Crane - the parapsychologist

Carson Sinclair, the Butler painted miniature
Carson Sinclair - the butler

Father Mateo, the priest painted miniature
Father Mateo - the priest

Minh Thi Phan, the secretary painted miniature
Minh Thi Phan - the secretary

Preston Fairmont, the millionaire painted miniature
Preston Fairmont - the millionaire

Rita Young, the athlete painted miniature
Rita Young - the athlete

Wendy Adams, the urchin painted miniature
Wendy Adams - the urchin

William Yorick, the gravedigger
William Yorick - the gravedigger

Recurring Nightmares

Ashcan Pete the drifter painted miniature
"Ashcan" Pete - the drifter

Gloria Goldberg author painted miniature
Gloria Goldberg - the author

Harvey Walters the professor painted miniature
Harvey Walters - the professor

Jenny Barnes dilettante painted miniature
Jenny Barnes - the dilettante

Joe Diamond private eye painted miniature
Joe Diamond - the private eye

Kate Winthrop the scientist painted miniature
Kate Winthrop - the scientist

Michael McGlen the gangster painted miniature
Michael McGlen - the gangster

Sister Mary, the nun painted miniature
Sister Mary - the nun

Suppressed Memories

Amanda Sharpe - the student

Bob Jenkins the salesman painted miniature
Bob Jenkins - the salesman

Carolyn Fern psychologist painted miniature
Carolyn Fern - the psychologist

Darrell Simmons photographer painted miniature
Darrell Simmons - the photographer

Dexter Drake magician painted miniature
Dexter Drake - the magician

Mandy Thompson Researcher painted miniature
Mandy Thompson - the researcher

Monterey Jack archaeologist painted miniature
Monterey Jack - the archaeologist

Vincent Lee doctor painted miniature
Vincent Lee - the doctor

Beyond the Threshold

Akachi Onyele shaman painted miniature
Akachi Onyele - the shaman

Wilson Richards handyman painted miniature
Wilson Richards - the handyman

Thanks for looking!


  1. oh, The Old One!
    Fantastic group of characters!
    Ancient ones aproved ;)

  2. Splendid characters...and presentation, excellent!

  3. I think you have a real knack for picking models that match the art work - lovely vibrant colours as well.

  4. Seeing them all is a wonder! Wow, really cool job!

  5. A very nice collection all perfectly painted. You have done a wonderful job. Great stuff!

  6. Hope you're proud of these mate? You should be. A fantastic cast of characters that would also fit perfectly in most Pulp gaming settings too.

  7. Fantastic! They're all great, but I have a soft spot for Harvey and Monterey.

  8. Thanks very much for the comments, everyone! It is nice to be reminded that it's hard getting a collection like this together -- so I appreciate your appreciation.

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