Monday, April 10, 2023

Rogue Trader Adventurers: Part 3... Forerunners

RT601 Adventurers Citadel Rogue Trader Warhammer 40K painted

I am not the first painter to tackle the miniatures in Citadel's RT601 Adventurers range from 1988. Indeed, it's hard to love Rogue Trader and not want to paint some of these incredible models.

However, the only other person (that I know of) who has tried to collect and paint all 32 miniatures is Jason Fulford at Rogue Heresy. His painstaking work in analyzing the range (and recording the names carved on the slotta-tabs, which often differ from the catalogue names) is a service to the hobby. Following his progress in completing the "Adventurers Project" was a source of inspiration and encouragement for me. I'm particularly fond of his colourful "Hive Worlder" and the fierce expression he coaxed out of the "Pirate Captain".

There are many other painters whose work on this range are worth a good look:

  • Axion at Magpie and Old Lead has done some wonderful things. I particularly love the matching assembly of the "Cyborg" and "Test-bed Slave" (plus other Rogue Trader figures).
  • Ninjabread created a wonderful series of dioramas using "Tech-Priest Schlan". Remember: only the strong will survey.
  • Warburton at Classic 40K zeroed in on the best sculpted miniatures in the range: the unobtrusively named "Official". Under his brush, the beautifully carved face and subtle details in costume all come to life. Brilliant!
  • At the Lead Plague, Asslessman has conscripted several members of the Adventurers range into his fantastic sensei warband.
  • Sho3box's "Squat Miner" shows some real mojo.
  • Every once in a while, when I want to remind myself what extraordinary painting looks like, I check out the work of Dr. Mathias at his Miniature Extravaganza.  His version of the "Navigator" is simply gorgeous -- and even more gorgeous when you see him arrayed with all his mutant colleagues.
If you know of any other painters who have dabbled in this range, please let me know in the comments.

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First is RT601 "Pilot Lorgar". His outfit shows the levity that you could still find in Rogue Trader miniatures: the gold epaulettes, the handlebar moustache, the expression of panic.

Pilot Lorgar RT601 Adventurers Citadel Rogue Trader 40K

Second we have RT601 "Punk", renamed in 1988 as "Xaif".

Punk Xaif RT601 Adventurers Citadel Rogue Trader 40K

Below is the RT601 "Astropath Yerl". He was first released in March 1987 as the "Imperial Psycher" in the RT1 range. He's a disproportionately tall miniature, verging on a different scale.

Astropath Yerl RT601 Adventurers Citadel Rogue Trader 40K

Fourth is the RT601 "Tech-Priest Zon". He also appeared first in the RT1 range as a "Telepath" and later an "Astropath", as I've detailed in my posts on the first Rogue Trader miniatures.

Tech-Priest Zon RT601 Adventurers Citadel Rogue Trader 40K

Behold the RT601 "Pirate Captain". I love this miniature, with his malicious leer and his Buck-Rogers garb. I tried to make his teeth nice and yellow, because I don't think space pirates floss.

Pirate Captain RT601 Adventurers Citadel Rogue Trader 40K

The RT601 "Psyker" is another of my all-time favourites. Her simple pose gives us an excellent sense of the painful energy coursing through her. In a tribute to Stranger Things, I gave her a nosebleed, as you can see. Oddly, on this miniature's tab is written "Citizen".

Psyker RT601 Adventurers Citadel Rogue Trader 40K

Last but not least is the "Official". As I mentioned above, I think he's the best-crafted miniature in the range. He has lots of elegant details, an intriguing pose, and a memorable facial expression that's a joy to paint. I wish I knew who the sculptor was!

Official RT601 Adventurers Citadel Rogue Trader 40K

Thanks for taking a look!

Painted rt601 Rogue Trader Official